Tool: My Strengths

Benefits of using this tool:

  • Strengths cards / Shields or Celebration cards can be a helpful way to engage children and young people to explore their own strengths – helping to promote self-esteem.
  • Celebrating achievements in preparation for review, at the end of every review or as part of the main activity within review.
  • Demonstrating to the child that everyone is rooting for them.
  • Building on the strengths of the network, helping the child understand that they have strengths and how the child along with their team of supporters can go on supporting each other.

Suggested materials:

Hat | bag | box | paper | felt-tip pens | crayons | Stickers

Using the tool:

  • You could use this activity individually with the child e.g. in preparation for review or as part of the review meeting itself.
  • You might ask the child and participants to put their names into a hat / bag / box.
  • Everyone pulls out a name and completes certificate/thank you/strengths card for that person. Child could choose who they would like to do one for.
  • Everyone then gives their completed card to the person they’ve made it for.

You might ask the child to select from the strengths cards:

  • Which of these words are most like you?
  • Pick a card that describes you
  • Which card would your friend choose for you?
  • Which strengths would you chose for yourself?
  • Which card reminds you of your Mum or Dad, or your friends?
  • Where did your strengths come from?
  • Has anyone ever criticised your strengths?
  • Do you use some strengths more than others?

You could create more personalised strengths cards with the young person or agree this as an activity for someone in the network to do with the child in preparation for their review.

If a child is struggling to identify strengths using the above questions, remind the child of the activity they like and connect the strength to that activity.

You could discuss relevant strengths and appropriate accompanying images together and create the child’s own set of cards. Each time the child identifies a strength, ask them to give examples of how they’ve used it. Strengths could be represented by any character that is meaningful to the child.

You could keep adding to the child’s pack of strengths cards over the course of reviews with them and they identify more strengths that they’re using.

Strengths descriptors might include e.g. curious, funny, kind, thoughtful, caring, fun, strong, brave, protective, friendly, honest, helpful, independent, sociable, fair, patient, con dent, creative, generous, tolerant.

Download: Me and My Review – My Strengths Shield | Certificate of attendance & participation | Strengths Cards | Blank Strengths Cards Strengths Card-2 | My strengths chart-3 | Me and My World ReviewEmotions Emoji’s